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Paneer Pulao

Yes! This weekend it was time for something new, that I had never tried before, and something tasty, and since most of my room mates were vegetarian I stuck to something veg, and yes it was Paneer Pulao.

I thought it would be tough at first, but then some research on google, just made me feel, its just another recipe I have not yet explored my taste buds on. So here how I made it, and you can try too.

All you need for this is,

Pulao Rice (Basmati) 1 kg
250 gm Onions
100 gm Green Peas
100 gm Paneer
150 gm Ghee/Oil
Salt to Taste

If you have this in your shelf, do add this, it increase aroma and flavor of the dish.
150 gm beans
6 pieces Black Cardamoms
10 pieces Cloves

Ok so the process of making these things into a tasty dish is,
Soak the rice for sometime, and drain the water and keep it aside.
Take some ghee in a non-stick vessel with tight lid (pressure cooker also will do), and fry the rice.
Add Cardamoms and Cloves if you have, close the lid, for the rice to boil.
In a non-stick tava, take some more ghee, fry the Paneer, till the sides turn slight brown.
Keep the fried paneer aside, and in the same tava take the rest of the ghee, and fry onion till golden brown.
Mix the boiled peas and beans with it.
Now mix the boiled rice, and mix the all of it nicely but slowly.
Dont forget to add salt while boiling rice, and mixing veggies with onion.

Yummy Paneer Pulao is ready.
You could have it with some Raitha (Curd mixed with onion and cucumber), or some nice yummy curry.

Bon Appetit.

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