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Pat on the Back

Have you played Pat on the Back, then thats why you are all alone sitting in front of the computer and reading my blog!
Ok I am not saying dont, but be sure to play pat on the back at any place with anyone!

This game is more of appreciating others which we forgotten of, same time get appreciation too without asking for it!

I cant express the feeling in words, the one you feel after this game, experience it, and you’ll know what I am talking about!

You need, a group of people, a sheet of paper, a pen and piece of cello tape for everyone.

Ok everyone write his/her name on the sheet and sticks it at their back.

And the game begins!

One person has to go to another and write one sentence or line that he/she wants to appreciate him/her.
Example, for coming home, when you were really depressed.
For giving a smile, that made your day, when you were all depressed
For being there for you in good times and bad times. So on.

The IMPORTANT POINT, no writing lies or exaggerating anything. Its a honest say, if you dont have anything to write about a person, no issues.

So when everyone is done writing for one another, the games concludes, all can read the appreciations they got.

The game can also be played, by making all participants sit in a circle, and here, pass the sheet with the name to the next person. After they are done writing pass it to the next. when everyone gets their sheet after the sheet has gone to everybody in the circle, the game concludes!

This game is more better if played, at the end of the meeting, camp of conference. Makes the effect more.

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