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Couples for Christ, India


This site was designed and developed for Couples for Christ, India, to promote the community events and to reach out the Good News of Jesus Christ to the whole world through the medium of Web. The site aims to be a one-point portal to reach out to the community members as well as to reach out to others too.


The site is hosted on via Expertrio Servers. It was designed using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and took around 2-3 months of Design and Development work to go live.
The plugins used to run the site are, Akismet, Jetpack, Portfolio Slideshow, WordPress SEO and so on..
We also helped them build up, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages for social media interaction and communication.


Jimmy Xavier
Derick D’Souza
Vincent Fernandes
Karl Fernandes


Facebook – CFCI Couples
Facebook – CFCI Singles
Facebook – CFCI Youth
Facebook – CFCI Kids
Twitter – CFCI Couples
Twitter – CFCI Singles
Youtube – CFCI

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