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Priest – Movie

I can smell the blood running through your veins. Smells like…DINNER.

Vampires are back, attacking the humans, and we have the warrior ‘Priest’ who goes for war against the Vampires and wins the last Vampire war, or so they think.

Priest -wikipedia

Paul Bettany the Priest, in Scott Stewart’s movie, is based on Korean comic, which visualizes a world, where humans and vampires have always warred against each other for ages. After the last war, the priest’s are asked to just live among other humans like ordinary or unimportant, inside the Church’s wall, where the church promises the people protection from Vampires and other external forces if any.


Days just pass the same, when a pact of Vampires kidnap Priest’s niece Lucy Pace (Lily Collins), but the Clergy do not agree with this Vampire attack, and do not give permission for the priest’s to go in this mission of finding his niece. The Priest without any other option breaks the vow, and along with niece’s boy friend, Hicks (Cam Gigandet), goes in search for the niece, which turns out to be a trap laid out by Vampires for the Priest.

The $60 million movie keeps you engrossed with the action and a little bit of thriller throughout, where the not-so good looking vampires popping out to attack, and the martial art and all other art warrior priests slaying and killing them. The movie at some pace looks like a mixture of Judge Dredd and Van Helsing, with vampires where atleast good looking in them.

The movie is not so bad, but not so good either, but worth watching for pass-time. Though it really doesn’t portray anything related to how the real priests in church are, I like the point where they showcase, that no matter what the consequences, the Priest is always there for its fellow-men and also how strong, committed and determined they are in the vows they have taken.

My rating for this movie would be,
Action: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 3.5/5
Music & Sounds: 4/5

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