Portfolio Design

DESCRIPTION Single Page Portfolio composing the theme of Dark Blue and Yellow colors, featuring the projects, clients and their blog in one page. TECHNICAL DETAILS The site can be hosted using any CMS like wordpress or blogger. It was designed using Adobe Photoshop CC.

Idea Management

DESCRIPTION Idea Management is designed as a Idea collection Portal, specific to a Category that users be able to share their Idea, vote them and come up with a Final Solution. TECHNICAL DETAILS The portal has features of Adding Ideas, Editing Ideas, Adding Categories, Filtering Top Ideas, Trending Ideas and so on. A user can […]

Lets Pray for India

CLIENT Lets Pray for India – Team DESCRIPTION This site was designed during the India’s Elections in 2014, with the request by Lets Pray for India – Team with collaboration. The site helped people of India unite together to Pray for India and its leaders as the elections were coming near. TECHNICAL DETAILS The site […]