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Rajdhani Expess

The Title only portrays the grandeur of the transport I took for travel from Ernakulam (Cochin) to Goa on Thiruvananthapuram-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express. It was a last moment decision of mine to go in this train, but though the feared cost of this journey by all, I would say it was worth it.

I boarded the train around 10:30pm, in 3AC boogie, to be welcomed by a suited, well dressed waiter welcoming me on-board. I get to my seat, where the compartment is sparkling clean, with clean interior, unlike other trains surrounded by rusted body. Since it was past dinner time, I didn’t get anything special other than a chilled mineral water bottle, and ironed, fresh smelling bed-sheets.

Since I was tired went to sleep without any second thoughts, and I never knew when morning came, while I got woken up by another set of waiters for bed-tea, or in other words, ‘berth-tea’.

Since it was my first time on this express, I was taken a aback, with the items provided for bed-tea.

Bed Tea

The well set Tea tray consisted of ‘Meal on Wheels’ Tea-Kit consisting of Tea Bags and Sugar Bags, a Creamer sachet, Parle Marie Gold Biscuit and Eclairs Chocolate. Though I am still wondering why was chocolate given so early morning, I had my bed tea with style. Underneath the tray there was the menu that I read and was shocked to see, pretty soon I would be getting the breakfast.

All washed and set, I was reading my book, when the set of suited breakfast kit armored guys marched down the aisle of the boogie. Now since I had opted for the Non-Veg breakfast, I was really wondering what would I get.


The menu for Non-Veg breakfast consisted of 2 slices of Wheat bread, an Omelet with boiled green peas, Tomato Sauce, Butter, Jam, and fruit drink. Also Tea Kit was included in this.

Had a hearty stomach full breakfast, but was really sad to know that I had to get down before afternoon lunch, but still made it a point to read the menu and regret what I was missing.

Vegetarian Breakfast:

Veg Cutlet, 2 bread slices and the rest similar to Non-Veg breakfast.

Afternoon Lunch/Dinner

  • Soup – Tomato/ Vegetable/ Sweet & Sour/ Sweet Corn/Green Peas/Rasam
  • Soup Stick – 2 (Packed) and bun
  • Butter Chiplet


  • Basmati Rice Pulao dish
  • Dal dish
  • Vegetarian:- Paneer dish OR Non Vegetarian:- Chicken dish
  • Curd in Kullarh
  • Parantha or Plain roti
  • Salad
  • Pickle oil based (blister pack)


  • Ice Cream /Gulab Jamun/Rasugulla 2 no
  • Assorted fresh fruits – Banana/ Apple/ Orange/ Mango/Chhikoo/Grapes/ Pear

· Salt & Pepper sachet (1 each)
· Scented Supari/Mouth refresher
· Napkin Tissues paper and Tooth pick
· Refreshing tissue / wet towel

Evening Tea

  • Chocolate bar 2 nos.
  • Fresh juice/Coke or Pepsi in can
  • Roasted Dry fruit Cashew Nut/Almonds/Pista
  • Samosa /Paneer pakora /Cheese Patties/Vegetable Patties pre-packed in butter paper bag
  • Cheese /vegetable sandwich triangle 2 nos.
  • Good quality sweet in company Pack/Cream wafers
  • Tomato Sauce sachet 1 nos.
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Sugar 2 nos.
  • Coffee 1 nos.
  • Tea Bag 2 nos.
  • Creamer

Now tell me if I was wrong in crying when I got down the train at my station. I just told the train when it leaved the station that I’ll be seeing it soon, and to all of you who thought it’s not worth it, travel once and believe me, you will surely change your mind-set.

If you want to know the Rajdhani Cyclic menu, then here it is.

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