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Was in Goa last weekend, and it was afternoon, so nothing much to do, decided to go for a movie at INOX, and the only movie that was playing then was RASCALS. Now I had heard some bad reviews of the movie, but then thought might be rumors and thought why not try it, coz there’s nothing else to do.

Movie starts with Chetan Chauhan (Sanjay Dutt) and Bhagat Bhosle (Ajay Devgn), two con artists, flying to Bangkok. They both start eying each other’s wallets, and one ends up getting nothing, but the other gaining the other guys cash and passport. They both become enemies of each other, and try to put the other in trouble. And thats when they come across, Khushi (Kangna Ranaut), the rich girl and a model, whom these two try to impress her.

It was 120 minutes of total mental torture for us, where we couldn’t even run out of the theater coz we paid a big sum to watch this sad, but so-called “comedy” movie. The movie had old outdated pranks and jokes where you had no idea, should we laugh or should we be crying coz these jokes re-called memories of other movies and stars. In between, there was like a war of dialogs between both, more of like a roll of publicity of all their old movies. The hero’s more of looked like uncles while the heroine under-age model.

Totally the movie made one of us cry, the other to sleep, and the other to crib of the amount payed for it. Also it showcased a free publicity for Chetan Bhagat, as they always turned out calling the names of both actors together.

The whole movie was either crap jokes or girls roaming in bikini’s. Story of the movie, the director totally forgot to portray it.


Though some of the songs were good, but the video’s just gave you the lust feeling. The movie was total mixture of lust and comedy feeling, which didn’t go well at all, cos there are boundaries for both, you cant have both at the same time, which the director must have learnt by now hopefully.

And when you felt it was the end of the movie and were like Thank God, its over, there is some more after few months, and then still more, where you just start praying that hope it gets over by now. Also Bhagat comes in Navy Dress but gets the Air Force Badge (Aircraftsman) badge.

My rating for this movie would be, -4 out 5. and a note for all the Bollywood directors, please see your movies once before you release them. Note for all actors, go through the story well, and think should you be really acting in these crap movies?

At the end, made up my mind, no more Hindi movies for at least a month, so that my mind comes back to its normal stage.

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