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How would you feel, if you pay for unlimited buffet meal at a restaurant, but all you are given is a empty plate and when you go to serve food for yourself, you are been asked to pay more for every dish, but you get a disclaimer saying you can have one special dish that is available for complete free, and you can have it as much as you want, even though you dont like it, you are been told to have that one. Then you kinda pay extra for one of the dish, but then you are told you have to wait for 10-20mins for it to be prepared and delivered. I guess you are furious about this and kinda feel its insance something like this will ever happen. Sadly to say this doesnt happen at a resturant, but does happen via Internet.


I guess you might have been hearing a lot about Net Neutrality topic coming across you day in and out, and some discussions and debates happening all over. So let me just give you a brief, by showcasing some videos that help you understand what I am talking about,





Hope you got some idea about this now.
To know more about Net Neutrality:


My humble request is to go to and click on Respond to TRAI now button, and send the mail before the deadline on 24 April 2015. More the mails, more support we netizens get, and the freedom to use the internet for what we pay.


Share this is in all groups/pages possible so that we can #SavetheInternet #NetNeutralityIndia. Any doubts, post it in the comments below and I shall be able to help you.

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