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Wanted, Dabangg and now Singham, the brave and honest policeman stories continues one after another, with a little twist here and there, and a very slight change in story is Bollywood of all times.


But this time Rohit Shetty with Reliance Entertainment brought some exciting and awesome stunts, romantic tunes and some regional dialogs to improvise the look of our dear Policeman Bajirao Singham by Ajay Devgan, fighting against villain Jaikant Shikre by Prakash Raj, dear girl friend ending as fiancée Kajal Agarwal by Kavya Bhosle.

Singham (Lion in English) is actually the remake of Tamil Singam, by Hari, in which Suriya plays the lead role, Prakash Raj the villain again and Anushka Shetty the girl friend.

Singam - Tamil

The Plot of the movie starts with a honest Police Officer, who is falsely accused of corruption, who is forced to commit suicide in his own Colva Police Station, by force of Jaikant Shikre.
Bajirao Singham, a brave and honest policeman of Shivgarh, his birth town, settles disputes in his own style of words of wisdom or moves of hands & legs when the need occurs. Kavya Bhosle, visits the place for her vacation, falls in love with our dear Singham, and things go smoothly as usual, when Jaikant Shikre is asked to sign his conditional Bail in Shivgarh Police Station, and thats when the Lion and the “hunter” Jaikant Shikre meets.

The movie is not a must watch according to me, but if you like some stunts and would be ready for some witty humor dialogs and know some regional languages like ‘Konkani’ (Goan Konkani), ‘Tulu’ (Language of Mangalore), then this would be some good pass time movie.

Singham - Action Scene

Effect of movie:
You might feel the movie is actually running at a pace, with half the story eaten up, its quite normal.
You might not understand some dialogs in the movie cause their regional languages, thats also normal
You might be caught laughing for a violence scene with fights and cars flying in the air, and that too is also considered normal.
You are counting the number of Scorpio’s and Qualis’ quite accepted.

You say this is the best movie ever watched, than absolutely you are not normal, or you have not watched good movies.

Anyways, I had a good time watching it, so go ahead, what you waiting, have your good time and maybe you could drop your feedback here 🙂

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