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So we have the answer of Why the Change of Blogger Domain

With a sudden change of all blogger blogs, domain being changed, most of us were quiet taken a back, when without any prior notice from Blogger this was changed! But now we have the answer shared by Google.

The change is that, anymore based on the country (locale) from where you visit a blog, you will be taken to that blog with that country domain! Meaning, if you are accessing my blog from India you will see it as,, but if you do the same from Pakistan then you will see my blog address as!

The main reason, this was undertaken was, the recent laws coming in scene about Content Privacy or Censorship! Google has planned well in advance, that if there is any Country henceforth requesting for a block of content, it will be only for that Country alone, but that content and blog will be available for the rest of the World where they do not have any issues with the same!

If you want to access the URL without any redirection then just type,, this will prevent the blog from redirecting.

Now this will surely effect SEO, the Google Ranking and all that is related or linked to your earlier blog link, since the new redirected link is taken as a new website URL! Though Google has promised to work it out, by not effecting the crawlers in finding same content in different domains, and also in managing the Google Ranking, but Facebook, Twitter and other sites have no interest in doing the same!

So lets hope that we have some good solutions coming up by some tricky blogger hackers! 🙂
I did find one at Digital Inspiration, you can check it out! 🙂

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