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Table No. 21

Bollywood movies can be termed as highly predictable, that by the time for intermission you can somehow figure out the 95% of the climax of the movie, coz its always on the same lines. But a few days back I got to watch a movie, which for first didnt look so interesting, but by the time of Intermission I was thrilled to continue watching it, and in the climax I was just shocked and amazed as to how it ended up. The pot of the movie was superb I could say.

No filmy dialogs by SRK, no dance numbers by Katrina Kaif, new folks on board with our dear Paresh Rawal as Mr. Khan (Who is not a Terrorist 😛 ), Vivaan (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Siya Agasthi (Tena Desae) really keep you hooked onto the seat to find out how this movie ends up. Dont worry I wont share the entire plot of movie to you coz then you wont get a chance to enjoy the climax if you know it.

Table No.21

To be brief in the story part, it starts with Vivaan and Siya trying to meet their financial problems, wins a Trip to Fiji in a lucky draw. It includes, accommodation and food at a beautiful resort, and also a special celebration of their 5th Wedding Anniversary. And thats when they meet MR. Khan the owner of the resort who shares them his hotel’s tie up up with a Website, hosting a Reality Live Game Show which if you win you get Rs. 21 Crores, for all you have to do is answer for 7 questions and do 7 tasks related to it. The catch of the game is, you just have to tell the Truth and nothing but Truth, coz the game rule is ‘if you Lie you Die‘.

The acting and screenplay and a few things if you compare with other top movies, might not be upto that mark, but the best part of the movie is the awareness it creates among the society and the youth specially. I would say its a must watch for all students, college-goers and everyone for that matter.

Table No.21

I dont know why, but the movie has a romantic number, mostly to attract the usual crowd who just go to see movies for that maybe. Its not an entertainer but an eye opener to the society, the parents and the children, as to know the brutal reality of life, and how a small fun of someone, turns out a devastating life change for someone else.

IMDB gives it a 6.9/10 rating.

Do make it a point to watch and let the awareness be spread across. Hats Off Aditya Datt (Director).

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