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The 3 Hungry Men

The image and the title of the page doesn’t it relates so much that I am at loss of words when the word food comes in picture. Have you heard the saying “The path to Man’s heart is through his stomach”, if not, then these three will surely prove it right and agree with me.

It all started just by meeting together and eating out, they started feeling lets do something more than just eating, lets complement food, and that to in a unique manner, and thats when they started their own, “Mangalore’s Food Certifying and Food Critic Body”.

I know for some it does sound these guys have gone insane, I feel thats the best you can do for some. We are always in a fix of where to go to have a good dinner, and all that we are left out is with ad’s in some local newspapers or hoardings on the street sides that will guide us to some so-so restaurant.

Search in the Google and you will find some reviewing sites, but only half information puts your in more confusion if you should go or not, and the end of the day you come back from that place, with a depressed or disgusted face saying, the food in that place was the worst thing to eat.

When I came to know the “3 hungry men’s” new pass time venture, I was delighted, that their pass time activity will be a help to so many food lovers who will ever visit Mangalore. These 3 just try to find out all the new and happening places in town and also makes it a point not to leave the not so happening joint to, coz might be no one knows about its specialty yet.

The 3 hungry men consists of Nikhil Pai -cartoonist by heart, Colin D’Souza -Travel and Adventure Freak and Rajat Rao -Travelling Photographer ;), and best quality of all three is, all time you can find them smiling no matter what the situation is.

Exploring one place after another, they give a nice summary of their Dine-out at the place, the best delicacies available, and makes it a point to leave a Big complement to the Restaurant.

Personally they are my juniors in college and two of them I know personally, and as person if your alone in Mangalore and planing to go out for dinner, surely get in touch with them, they would be delighted to join you, and would be the best company, at least in the matters of food and “laughter” inclusive 🙂

Ok enough of me blabbering, work more speak less, doesnt apply hear, eat more and speak less does, so just check out their site for more.

Their site gets updated regularly as they explore each and every dine out joints in Mangalore, and as food lover myself, I love to read their posts, and explore the new places they have already recommended.

You can also find them on twitter @the3hungrymen and facebook. They have their posts also put up on

All the best guys 🙂 Happy Eating 🙂

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