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The Last Airbender

“It is time we show the Fire Nation that we believe in our beliefs as much as they believe in theirs.”

Heard about pipe bending, steel bending stuff, any time heard about Water Bending, Fire Bending, Earth Bending and even Air Bending?

If not, you have not watched the new Hollywood, Box Office Hit movie “The Last Airbender”.
The M. Night Shyamalan’s (Director-Producer-Screen Play) movie projects about the four elements of world which have their own nations, from on which one wants to rule over all the world. The Fire Nation with “Fire Benders” want to show all the others that their powerful than the Earth, Water and Air. So to do this, they start their killing spree and waging wars against all three nations.

The last Airbender

They succeed in killing all Air Nomads, and they also start ruling over the Earth Benders and some regions of Water Benders. Their only next aim was the Water Benders Nation in the Northern Water Tribe.

Now without their knowledge one of the Air Bender who had run off from the Air Bender Nation, survived in a ice berg for about a century. To the better part, he turns out to be a Avatar, the one who can control not only Air, but even Water, Earth and Fire. But the sad part is, before he could be trained in all, he ran from the monastery of monks, and was found by two of the South Pole citizens among one who is a water bender.

The two start helping the Avatar restore peace on Earth by fighting against Fire Nation and saving them.
The Last Airbender

The cast of the movie,
Aang (Played byNoah Ringer) -The Last Airbender and Avatar
Katara (Played by Nicola Peltz)-Water Bender
Sokka, brother of Katara, (Played by Jackson Rathbone)
Zuko (Played by Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire), an exiled prince of the Fire Nation
Fire Lord Ozai (Played by Cliff Curtis)- King of Fire Nation

The Last Airbender

The movie keeps you engrossed with all the effects with water, wind, air and fire, though the story appeals to kids age group. The whole movie focus on explaining its plot and developments, that they dont have time for any other side stories or drama. This cartoon of Nickelodeon (Avatar-The Last Airbender) is mixture of high graphics and poor acting.
Rotten Tomatoes rates it at 2.8/10.

Though it didnt bend my likeness to the movie, it surely made a whopping $319 million worldwide. Talk about money bending now.


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