Cloud 9 experience

Call me a fan of Google Search or a Search freak. I just love searching and researching each and every minute detail I come across, while I read, when I see around, I hear from someone or somewhere or be it whatsoever, I just have to find out info about it.

Some say its good to know things, others say, just look into your own business and I term it as, just Dig, Dig and Dig more until your satisfied with the information.So as I was saying, I used to always hear this term, people express “Cloud 9”, I knew what it meant, but never knew what would be the feeling, or what it really meant to be on cloud 9.

Wikipedia expresses Cloud 9 as “an English expression meaning “euphoria” (an intense state of transcendent happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of contentment.) or “bliss” (a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss).

Now what made me experience this feeling? Where? When? How?
From my last post I spoke about how I got the opportunity to fly to Mangalore from Chennai through flight, and now let me explain to you my small happy moment experience.
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My City Way – Archana, Puneet, Sonpreet

We always want to find out about who was the author of Facebook, Twitter, Orkut. Tried to find out why he/she started it, cursed our fate, that even though we start something nothing has happened yet, just saw them as our role models to mint money. But did we just realize that we hardly used to bother there werent any Indian names with them.

Actually we didnt bother to find some. After all we are Indians, and western stuff fascinates us more than our pure Indian products. Agreed?

Recently got a mail about three people who made the difference in my thinking, my thought and just left me struck with one word awesome. Yes I am talking about three Indians, Archana, Puneet, Sonpreet. Heard these names? Well, where you have time, while you are stuck up poking friends in Facebook, or Just expressing yourself on Twitter or just cursing the new changes on Orkut.
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Coincidence v/s God’s Plan (Part 3)

Recently one of my brother Biron D’souza had an incident occured in his life, that he shared with me! I felt that I need to share this to all. The below content is all in his own words, unedited. Do read on.

My friends from Mangalore were down in Bangalore over the weekend, we went bowling and watch the IPL finals together at one of their cousins place on Saturday. I wanted to be up and go in the morning for mass on sunday so that i could make it for the meeting in the evening. Didn find a place near the place where we were staying but two of my friends were goin towards MG road to meet up another friend for breakfast, and near there is the St Patricks Church, i found out from the CFC that mass was at 11 there, so it worked out well.
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