Back with a Bang

Its been quite a long time not hearing from me on my blog! I guess its about 20+ days for now, that I couldnt get myself sit sometime for free to write some posts on my blog!
Currently lot of things were going on in my life!
I had been for a UI training to Chennai for two weeks, then a weekend in Mangalore, attended the SFC Conference 2011, “A Glimpse of Heaven“, then back to work.
Lot of moments took place, memorable, life long cherish-able moments, that I am waiting to share with all soon.
Now once I have started writing, will not stop hopefully again!
Also got some new plans and posts for the blog in my mind, also currently working behind designing some websites and so, but I wont let me readers down without any posts 🙂
Chao till then. Keep reading. 🙂
God Bless 🙂

How to Create Drop-Down Menu without JavaScript

I have always come through so many of them, who wanted a menu to their site, a nice drop down menu, which will help them, provide their readers and visitors and better way to navigate in their websites. But with all of the too much of coding and stuff, it was always a chaos, that many just lost hope in even trying about.

Drop Down Menu, with changing color and Navigation, without JavaScript, is it even possible?

Yes it is, and its simple. Just few steps.
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My 100th post on Blogger

When I started blogging I never knew what I would write in my blog! I had no fixed aims of what to do! Blog was just something I wanted to explore!
I didnt know anything about technology or cooking, for that matter, I used to not even write anything anywhere!

Today with 12000+ Visitors, 100+ Daily visitors, linked in about 100+ websites, 200+ comments and feedback, I guess I have come a long way into the blogging world!

Blog for me at the beginning was a diary that I could share with lots of people, today the whole perspective of blogging has changed.
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How to Wipe of the Traces of Blogger

We always want to remove every single bit of information from our site our blog, that indicates that all that we use is not our’s but some third-party stuff! We try to explore our best by ‘Googling’ with all the possible key words, but in vain. And when we cant find what we are looking for, or understand what is explained somewhere, we just accept defeat to them and let the site or blog run the way it is!

So I felt the same, google for the same, got the solution with some of my own tricks, and removed every bit of information that showed blogger or blogspot in my blog.

Some of the things you will be able to remove by using this post is,

1.) The ‘Powered by Blogger’ Attribution

2.) The Show more posts, while accessing Labels.

So how you do this? Its very very simple! 🙂
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How to Add Social Bookmark/Sharing Widget to your Blog

As the title says, every blog, website or posts needs a way, where users if they like your post to share it their friends! Now you cant expect every visitor to copy the URL of your blog and go to his/her own profile to post it. So we have a simple yet good looking widget that will solve all your problems!

How is the outcome?

So want the similar widget to your blog/website in just few steps?

Here it is,
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Related Posts Widget for Blogger

Now everyone wants readers of their blog to stick on to their blog, and also no one wants the reader to spend whole his life searching for the posts he/she likes!
So to tackle all these related problems, we have “Related Posts Widget“. A simple to use, a quick handy for all.

Here’s a preview of how it looks,

How to Add this Widget to your Blog?
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Twitter Widgets for you website/blog/facebook

It was always a dream of all bloggers and website developers to connect their websites to as many places as possible.
Specially in recent times, to more you connect with others, the more your chances of retaining it. More like, give and take policy.
Hmmmmm so here’s some new technology updates for you.

Let me share to you something about Tweeter Widgets.

Note: These are developed by Tweeter and they are “FREE”
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How to Remove or Hide Blogger Navigation Bar

All bloggers might have noticed one small top menu type bar, called the Navigation bar, which allows users who come to your blog, move to next similar to your blog, and which most of the bloggers dont want that to happen.

So here are some simple tips of how to remove this bar or just hide it.
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