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YouTube videos for Kids & Teens

YouTube is one of the famous video sharing platform, that is quite famous with the current techy kids, and this has just led for parents to be worried as to what is appropriate and whats not for them to watch, while they are away busy with work. Kinda the way world is changing (developing is not a word I would wanna use here!), its becomes quite implausible, to deal with kids and explain how outdoors are better than indoors. Not their mistake completely, coz the outdoors we have just not kept it children friendly! But since we do give them gadgets and wonder what they should be viewing and what not, I just came with a list of YouTube Channels, that might be useful for the parents to list down, for their kids to watch.

YouTube for Kids

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Happy Childrens Day

I woke up today not knowing the date, for a series of profile pictures changed to their childhood photos in almost all social media platforms and I was wondering what has happened while I was asleep. Some new fight we fighting by changing our profile pics. Thats when I get a message from my lecturer wishing me Happy Children’s Day, and that were it all made sense to me.

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Table No. 21

Bollywood movies can be termed as highly predictable, that by the time for intermission you can somehow figure out the 95% of the climax of the movie, coz its always on the same lines. But a few days back I got to watch a movie, which for first didnt look so interesting, but by the time of Intermission I was thrilled to continue watching it, and in the climax I was just shocked and amazed as to how it ended up. The pot of the movie was superb I could say.

No filmy dialogs by SRK, no dance numbers by Katrina Kaif, new folks on board with our dear Paresh Rawal as Mr. Khan (Who is not a Terrorist 😛 ), Vivaan (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Siya Agasthi (Tena Desae) really keep you hooked onto the seat to find out how this movie ends up. Dont worry I wont share the entire plot of movie to you coz then you wont get a chance to enjoy the climax if you know it.

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Doodle 4 Google

Akshay Raj

Yes you heard me right from the title, A Doodle for Google! Meaning we can contribute our ideas and drawings as a doodle for Google.

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Chillar Party

“Truck ke Body pe cycle ki Ghanti Lagayla Hai”

Chillar Party 3/5 critic rated Bollywood movie has reached out in the box office breaking all the usual love romantic movies, by pressing humor and message to its best!

The movie is a about a group of young kids (punter log) of Chandan Nagar who live life the “Bindaas” style. have their own everyday problems that they face and sort out, with other colony team always beating them in cricket and their very own colony’s different neighbors who irritate them in one way or the other. Everything remains usual until and orphan boy is hired by the secretary of the colony, to wash all the cars. Problem arises when the boy has a dog and the punter gang doesnt like dogs coz they put their “lendi (shit)” on the cricket pitch. Somehow after all the misunderstanding they get along so well that they become inseparable, also winning the match with the other team.

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Lime Juice

Ok, before you start thinking over the title and searching for a recipe of how to make Lime Juice my style, let me inform you, that this is a game, but the outcome is similar to the recipe of Lime Juice, but I guess you might find this one more tasty 🙂

You need:

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Pat on the Back

Have you played Pat on the Back, then thats why you are all alone sitting in front of the computer and reading my blog!
Ok I am not saying dont, but be sure to play pat on the back at any place with anyone!

This game is more of appreciating others which we forgotten of, same time get appreciation too without asking for it!

I cant express the feeling in words, the one you feel after this game, experience it, and you’ll know what I am talking about!

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Rush into God’s Kingdom

Other day, on a Sunday I had been to St. Francis Assisi Church at Kakkanad for the 10:00am Mass, specially celebrated for Children. Though the mass is in Malayalam, and I don’t understand a thing, I decided to be a part of joining my Christian brothers and sisters here. Since before reaching the Church was not sure of the mass timings, but by grace of God I reached quite early. So just took my seat in the centre benches of the Church. Said my personal prayers there, and was waiting now for the Mass to start.

Just then some few other parishioners had already taken place with me, and joined me in waiting for the mass to begin, and same time I heard a bell ringing. It was the bell of the Catechism Class for the kids of the parish. We all started hearing a loud sound, more like a stampede coming towards us, and in a rush through, the church was flooded with all kids, running and pushing each other to sit front in the church. With all the smiles and the laughs, and the joy, they were so happy to be there for the mass.