Free Christmas WordPress Themes & Plugins

Christmas time, means everything has to be Christmasy, our Houses, our Cars, the Food we Eat, our Streets, Malls, everything. So why not our websites. Here are a few amazing Free WordPress Themes and Plugins that you could use for your site to give that Christmasy touch..

WordPress Themes

ChristmasPress by ChristmasWebmaster.
ChristmasPress by ChristmasWebmaster & monkeymays.

ChristmasPress is a modern 2 column, sassy, pink and purple theme with cute cartoon characters and a vibrant background.

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Happy New Year 2012

Its the Year 2012! I know many of them have already been hearing the rumors that, this year on December 21st! Lets see how much that is true now! Hmmmm I am more on looking to have a more good and blessed time this year, also write some good and better posts! World Ends or not, I am just prepared to do my best everyday of the year, that I dont regret of not doing!! What about you? Whats your plan?