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Confession Explained

Why do we have to confess? And why with the Priest? Why cant we do it with God directly?
Questions striking your mind always, check this video, and maybe the questions will be answered in the new creative way shared by Busted Halo!

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A Repentant Heart

Did you know that no matter what we have done, God still forgives us, if we just go to him with a repentant heart, ready to change our live for his Glory?
Simple understanding, simple funda!

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Confession through I-App?????

All the I-Phone or I-Pad users, will be very aware of this or maybe not. But have you ever come across, this application those who have not, here’s a small inside of it, Apple has come out with a new application for I-Phone and I-Pad “CONFESSION BOOTH -Sinner or Saint“, to confess online, anytime from anywhere, just by installing the application which is just for $1.99.

Now what it has got as its features,
– You can rate anonymous confessions, just by clicking Sinner or Saint
– You can Submit your own anonymous confession
– Your confession will be rated by thousands and you can see via percentage what the world thinks about the SIN you committed.