Sin & Death

A thought occurred to me the other day, Satan accepts defeat every-time a person dies
Reasoning: God created man (& woman), and wanted them to live for eternal, they sin, and Satan rules over the death.
God sends, Jesus, saves us all, and modifies the whole plan of devil, by only giving him the right to kill the physical body, while the soul still remains eternal.
Yes, now who has won the won soul does matter on us, is it God or Devil.
But the best part, Satan tries his best to tempt us, trick us to worship him and follow him, but once he knows he cant do anything more, he lets him die, and God allows. God doesnt like it, but he allows it, so that through that person’s death many other souls learn from it and come closer to him. Kids die, maybe coz Satan knows their future of who they will become, and how he/she could be dangerous to his kingdom, tricks someone or the other human being and kills him.
I dont know if I am wrong in this, but for now, for every death I will glorify God, coz I believe Satan just accepted another defeat, and I shall pray that let me be an instrument that God uses to bring more souls to him, in every way possible on this earth and heaven.

How to report Facebook of deceased person?

It feels sad, while your dear friend or relatives profile who has been deceased, his/her profile still being commented on by people who do not know about it.
Or you just want to delete the person’s account, but you dont know the credentials.

It was always a question for many of how to report about the deceased person to Facebook?

Facebook is of the people, by the people and for the people! And Facebook gives you a solution for this too.
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Death more Profitable than Life

I was recently having a chat with my friend, and this topic came out of no where, is Death more profitable than Life.

I mean we had this talk for a small time, but then I started giving a thought about it, and it did come out true.

We live, and try to do everything that brings profit for ourselves. We earn for ourselves, or for our family. We try to enjoy our life to the utmost possible and sometimes not even caring about others. Our life actually just becomes confided within ourselves.

What happens when we die then?
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