21 Facts you dont know about me

I know 21 is a odd number, but these are the facts that I could collect, that I was sure you didnt know about, so have a read, and tell me how many you didnt know. If you have list of yours, do comment it back or send me a link.

1. Till the age 18 of I had two milk teeth in the front.
2. In school for two plays I have enacted as a girl, coz I had silk and smooth hair, and cute dimpled face.
3. I had a dream of becoming an Automobile Engineer.
4. I hated computers till I was 20, and my brother helped me create my first email ID.
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Facts about “HIV”

HIV (virus) requires *ONLY* *Blood or Semen* as medium to transmit from one body to another

HIV *cannot* transmit even through *Saliva* (mucous) i.e. even if HIV-infected patient coughs and another person is exposed to his sputum (cough), the virus still cannot transmit because concentration of virus particles in sputum is almost NIL & exposure to air anyway kills virus in fraction of seconds

In case HIV-infected person got an injury (like the cut in below mentioned story) and he is bleeding, the virus can transmit to another person only if another person has a cut/wound in his body & that too when *blood from both person comes in contact with each other* (this is also very rare unless bleeding is very high) and not otherwise
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