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Free Christmas WordPress Themes & Plugins

Christmas time, means everything has to be Christmasy, our Houses, our Cars, the Food we Eat, our Streets, Malls, everything. So why not our websites. Here are a few amazing Free WordPress Themes and Plugins that you could use for your site to give that Christmasy touch..

WordPress Themes

ChristmasPress by ChristmasWebmaster.
ChristmasPress by ChristmasWebmaster & monkeymays.

ChristmasPress is a modern 2 column, sassy, pink and purple theme with cute cartoon characters and a vibrant background.


Awesome Christmas Freebies

Its Christmas time.. My favourite season of the year, and I know its yours too.. The season which brings good tidings to all, and at the same time, we have some special Christmas presents for you here.. Check out the wonderful freebies available for this Christmas 🙂

Christmas Greeting Card PSD by GraphicsFuel
Christmas Greeting Card PSD by GraphicsFuel