Lover v/s Parents

The title of this post really gets a chill down the spine of what I am upto writing this time, atleast for some, and for others surely a grin on their face saying, yes the title is more apt to the modern times of what happening all around! Now why I came across this thought?

Recently I got an message, which was like this,..

You Lie to you Parents for you Lover,
But why not to you Lover for your Parents?
To marry your Lover you leave your Parents,
But why dont you leave your Lover for your Parents?
You ask your Lover whether he/she has taken lunch on time
But have you ever asked the same question to your Parents?
You leave all your bad habits for one promise to your Lover,
But why not after the repeated advice from your Dad?

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Mother’s Love

A thought came up today, while I was passing by a school in the afternoon.
This was the spectacle I saw, a mom was hurrying down the roadside, with a big tiffin bag in a hand. She was literally running, coz she knew that she was late, but she managed to reach the school gate on time. Her son, came running up to her as soon as he saw her, snatched the bag from his mother, and ran back to class.
It was quite clear to me the later incidents of what would happen was, the kid would just come running back with his tiffin bag, half closed, throw it mom, and run to play with his friends, and all that while, the mom just loiters around near the gate to see her son come again.
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