Online Shopping Mall @ IRCTC

I wouldn’t be surprised if you are re-reading the title of this post. Yes yes, even I was struck at reading the same when I was recently doing some transactions at our dear user-friendly site, It was shocker to me when the ever server down site, had come up with a new area of […]

Paradox of Our Times

Today, we have bigger houses and smaller families More conveniences, but less time We have more degrees, but less common sense More knowledge, but less judgment We have more experts, but more problems; More medicine, but less wellness We spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast Get angry too quickly, stay up too […]

My Weekend at Home Sweet Home Mangalore

Work..Work..and more Work made me slog more than a donkey, (no intention to hurt the feelings of Donkey), but late night work, and pressure and deadline, made me say its done, I need a break, so just planned myself to make it for a weekend to my Home Sweet Home Mangalore. The planing the decision […]