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Kung Fu Panda 2 – The Kaboom of Doom

Po, the Kung Fu Panda is back, with fellow Kung Fu masters as, The Furious Five, protecting the Valley of Peace.

Though I had exams the next day, I didnt find any other better day than the day before it, few room mates of mine agreed to my crazy plan and joined in for a 90 minutes of great laughter and fun time by Po, the Kung Fu panda, in the new sequel 2!

The story line of the movie is based on threat of a formidable villain, Lord Shen, who has created a unstoppable weapon, and plans to destroy and conqueror the whole of China.

The story also reveals, how po remembers his mysterious past, which he was not aware of. He comes to know about his mother and father, how he came into the valley of Peace, and how Lord Shen had destroyed them.