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Are your ready for the days after D-day?

Remember, your wedding only lasts one day, while your marriage will last a lifetime. So the question comes if you have prepared for those days together? Don’t worry if you have not or still figuring how to prepare, a simple list below shall help you both set on the right track for the same.

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Creative Ideas for Catholic Wedding

Since you are here and reading this, I shall assume that you are someone who is eager to prepare himself or herself for a wedding day, and more importantly to keep it Catholic! Been there and done that, is what I could say when it comes to researching online for ideas to have a creative wedding, and here are a few pointers I would want to share with you today.

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Lover v/s Parents

The title of this post really gets a chill down the spine of what I am upto writing this time, atleast for some, and for others surely a grin on their face saying, yes the title is more apt to the modern times of what happening all around! Now why I came across this thought?

Recently I got an message, which was like this,..

You Lie to you Parents for you Lover,
But why not to you Lover for your Parents?
To marry your Lover you leave your Parents,
But why dont you leave your Lover for your Parents?
You ask your Lover whether he/she has taken lunch on time
But have you ever asked the same question to your Parents?
You leave all your bad habits for one promise to your Lover,
But why not after the repeated advice from your Dad?

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Hangover II

The wolfpack is back in action with a new turn of events, a 102 minutes of comedy, a set of new freak out’s of a bachelor party. Todd Phillips along with Warner Bros came out with the second sequence of Hangover.

Hangover 2

In The Hangover (Part 1) Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper), Dr. Stuart Price, Stu (Ed Helms), Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) & Doug Billings (Justin Bartha) end up celebrating Doug’s Bachelor Party in Vegas, and they end up doing things so much that in the contrary the next morning they dont remember a thing about it, and they also loose Dough.

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Pyar Ka Punchnama

Heard about Postmortem of Love? In 2011, this is also done, and we have “Pyar Ka Punchnama”, the new Bollywood movie, earned all the fame and “Likes” among the young, working inclusive of “loving” generation.

After watching too many movies of Love and marriage from the girls point of view, here’s the first one from the guys point of view.

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2 States- The Story of My Marriage

I just got hold of the book 2 States, I know its a long time after it was published, but you see, now that I am working, I have to show people I am busy working, though half the times I am blogging or eating and sleeping! 🙂

But alas, my room mate brought this book home, and I got to read it last of all. Spent two nights to complete reading it, and believe me, it was worth skipping the long sleeps!

Before I start, I really must salute Mr. Chetan Bhagat, he has really got the flavor of words, that only he knows, how to use the Adjectives (the Spices), verbs (the Masala’s), nouns (the Tadka), and the Story (the main ingredient). The stirring, the flame, the heat, the garnishing, everything is so perfect, that I cant think of doing anything else, before I finish reading the book. Honestly I even postponed my bath for the next day morning, just coz I wanted to finish reading the book.