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Mashies 2013 is here!

Don’t you agree with me that the best of the best’s in everything should always be honored and awarded, and that’s exactly whats Mashable plans to do with its event ‘Mashies‘. Agencies, brands, creatives, designers and leaders in digital are invited to submit their work for consideration.

Mashies, recognizes exceptional creative thinking and problem solving in marketing across new media and digital platforms from 2013. The site shared the submission link on its site, a few days back. The Mashies will honor projects launched between May 2012 and July 2013.

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Castle (TV Series)

I know, I am pretty jobless, after a very hard day at work, and being far away from home, in another state and city, doesnt give me any different options that stick in front of my laptop for the whole night, until I fall asleep after mid-night. You can either catch me on my laptop, hooked onto to Facebook and Gmail, or doing some website stuff, or just watching different TV series.

This time, let me share with you the quite recent one, which I really loved, and for sure you will also, if you like Murder’s, with some humor and drama.

‘Castle’, an American TV series, starring Richard Castle- Author and Detective Kate Beckett, together with their team solve mysterious murders around new York.

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My City Way – Archana, Puneet, Sonpreet

We always want to find out about who was the author of Facebook, Twitter, Orkut. Tried to find out why he/she started it, cursed our fate, that even though we start something nothing has happened yet, just saw them as our role models to mint money. But did we just realize that we hardly used to bother there werent any Indian names with them.

Actually we didnt bother to find some. After all we are Indians, and western stuff fascinates us more than our pure Indian products. Agreed?

Recently got a mail about three people who made the difference in my thinking, my thought and just left me struck with one word awesome. Yes I am talking about three Indians, Archana, Puneet, Sonpreet. Heard these names? Well, where you have time, while you are stuck up poking friends in Facebook, or Just expressing yourself on Twitter or just cursing the new changes on Orkut.

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White Collar – TV Series

Crimes never end in New York, same time Good guys catching Bad guys also never stops!

Best part me watching new series every time when I am done with one, also doesnt stop!

This time it is catching the bad guys with the help of a con-man, forger and thief, along with the FBI. Main intention to help the FBI is, that he wants to know what has happened to his Girl friend who he is not been able to get in touch with, and for that he does need to stay out of the prison, and to gain he has to loose something, but best part, here he doesnt loose much, coz, he’s helping the FBI in solving the White Collar Crimes, in New York.

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CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York)

Moving forward from Burn Notice and looking forward for more crime solving, action and thriller series I came across CSI:NY.
Directly from CSI: Miami, the show portrays the invesitgations of a team of New York Police Department forensic scientists and police officers, as they solve the mysterious and unusual deaths and also other crimes.

The whole season revolves around the crimes in and around New York, which are solved by the CSI team headed by, Det. Mac Taylor, with his newest partner, Det. Jo Danville, an experienced Washington DC investigator, along with his other team of Detectives, consisting of Det. Danny Messer, Det Lindsay Monroe and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, a Medical Examiner Sid Hammerback, lab specimen Adam Ross, and die hard homicise Det. Don Flack. Also includes former second-in-command Det. Stella Bonasera