Chennai Express

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Yes Yes! I did watch Chennai Express and I couldn’t stop myself without sharing this experience, and amazing one! TO be brief for Short readers, it had action like Wolverine, scary scenes not even found in The Conjuring, comedy and humor like Despicable Me, songs definitely dance numbers our usual Tamil types. All-in-all a real entertainment, where I did feel like killing myself in between the movie, but surely I didn’t end up coming out of the theater singing, Chennai..aiyayiyaiyayiyaiayaiyai..Chennai Express 😛
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Images with Frames for your Website

We always love when posts and articles come with attractive images which sometimes even though they are not related to the post they still give a good look! Now it’s always hard to get very good resolution images and also it’s a little tough to know the tricks of Photoshop!
So who cares, as usual let me share you some tricky info, with just some CSS and HTML code, you can have your own images in your posts/articles on your website look better than before!
How do we do it?
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Twitter Sports a new Look

Twitter sports a new look without any updates, with quite a lot taken aback of whats happening with a lot of twitter users tweeting about #TwitterNewLook! The look is not bad after all, with entire new makeover and functioning of Twitter!The Profile page has some functional changes, to more concentration is on visitors to see what you tweeted or shared about, than earlier one which gave equal priority to the people or profile we were following, being followed by etc.
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The New Look

Planning to design my own Portfolio and a site that describes me, my work, and my small talent! But I ams till stuck up with what name I could give for the site, which color could represent me, which aspects or features I could add on that will showcase myself in a better way!
You have any suggestions, please do drop into the comments box, and it will be highly appreciated! Thank you! 🙂

New Year Resolution

I will not eat Sweets for the year‘, ‘I wont drink Aerated Drinks‘, ‘Will Stop Drinking and Smoking‘, ‘Will go to Gym everyday‘ and it goes on when you ask anybody about whats their New Year Resolutions this time! Every Beginning of the year, every one has a New Year’s Resolution which they share it publicly or keep it all to themselves! Some strive their best to keep it, but fail before even a month or two complete, while others keep up to their commitments!

Talking about all, I was wondering myself, what would be my New Year Resolution’s this year! After a few thoughts and brain storming with myself, I thought let me this time have a different type of resolution of all!
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Happy New Year 2012

Its the Year 2012! I know many of them have already been hearing the rumors that, this year on December 21st! Lets see how much that is true now! Hmmmm I am more on looking to have a more good and blessed time this year, also write some good and better posts! World Ends or not, I am just prepared to do my best everyday of the year, that I dont regret of not doing!! What about you? Whats your plan?

Search Bar and Link

A new feature to my existing blog, with lot of feedback’s from friends and readers, I integrated the new search bar and a link to get in touch with me on my blog.Also a Recommended Blog Post for your widget.

Many more features are planned to come up too! Feels nice to customize the blog!
Got any feedbacks or suggestions do Drop me a comment below on, get in touch with me on my Contact Page

Display What You Want on Blogger

It was always some blogger’s idea of viewing some content or widget on only some pages, or search labels or archive pages. But it was really hard to do all the script coding and various possible things!Did some small research here and there, and with Blogger Plugin’s post, I was able to find, innovate a new technique in blog, “Selective display of widgets or content, based on URL”. Best part of it was its so damn easy.

So let me take you through the simple code snippets.
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New Makeover

After a long break, of about two weeks or so, I had been busy working on the new makeover for the blog.
I felt my blog should be unique, not the ordinary one as such!
So after a lot of day and nights work, with lot of my friends helping me with this, I have come out with this new makeover, which I would like you to check it out.

First and foremost, the name of the blog has been changed to Kel-Logs (Kelvin Blog’s)
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