Google+ is open to All

Hip Hip Hurray! Google+ atlast is opened to all! To all of you who were eagerly waiting from long waited time to get your hands on Google+, to check out its features, and to see how different it is from Facebook, Myspace and Orkut, here’s the door open to you by Google! What are you […]

Google+ is here, so the Fight begins

After a very long time of ruling of Facebook, Google has thought enough is enough and has come out with Google+. The new in-thing in social networking. After the very long wait, Google has finally unveiled the company‚Äôs top secret social networking application, but only to some. Google states that the main intention of this […]

My City Way – Archana, Puneet, Sonpreet

We always want to find out about who was the author of Facebook, Twitter, Orkut. Tried to find out why he/she started it, cursed our fate, that even though we start something nothing has happened yet, just saw them as our role models to mint money. But did we just realize that we hardly used […]