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Lime Juice

Ok, before you start thinking over the title and searching for a recipe of how to make Lime Juice my style, let me inform you, that this is a game, but the outcome is similar to the recipe of Lime Juice, but I guess you might find this one more tasty 🙂

You need:

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Family Sandwich

I am sure you have played Musical Chairs, so here a slight modified game which is also more fun!
Can be played outdoor or indoor, but you need a group of enthusiastic people!

Let me get straight to the game.

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Athirapally, Cochin, Kerala

A place called Athirapally, in Kerala.
A nice and wonderful experience
It is a place of waterfalls,
Running, from a height of 80 feet.

It is located in the forest area,
Combined with the greenery
It retains freshness into any tired soul,
The falls join Chalakkudy River ..