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Fringe (TV Series)

The urge to see new sci-fi series never dies down, once it has started! The technology, the presentation of real world reality, the short complicated mystery, the side love and romance, the little humor, the seriousness to solve the case, and new and exciting mystery everyday, cannot stop me from watching a new episode every day!

After some fights, and crime-catching, I also side by side switched to a little more “fringe” science.

The term at first never made me any sense, but when I just saw the first episode, I was sure, I will not stop watching it.

J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, have created this series with a new flavor of series, for which guys like me, just get hooked on to the screen! (I remember one of the episodes, where the victim, gets hypnotized to the screen, and at last his head blasts). I know sounds, a little scary and gross, but when a scientific explanation is given, and is proved that it can be done, who doesn’t want to watch it.