Paradox of Our Times

Today, we have bigger houses and smaller families More conveniences, but less time We have more degrees, but less common sense More knowledge, but less judgment We have more experts, but more problems; More medicine, but less wellness We spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast Get angry too quickly, stay up too […]

Athirapally, Cochin, Kerala

A place called Athirapally, in Kerala. A nice and wonderful experience It is a place of waterfalls, Running, from a height of 80 feet. It is located in the forest area, Combined with the greenery It retains freshness into any tired soul, The falls join Chalakkudy River .. Had been to this place on a […]


When words are right All the colors are bright When happiness rains All sadness drains Shed tears in happiness, Care least for sorrowness Happiness is a great feeling Happiness uplifts your living It fills your life with joy It will allow you to enjoy Happiness is at most exciting Happiness is the art of sharing […]