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#MustTry Ruchik Randhap Recipes

Ruchik Randhap is online Mangalorean Cook book by Shireen Sequeira, a Mangalorean living in Dubai, who loves to experiment from her mother’s cookbook, recipe books & the internet. The entire Website is filled with recipes with amazing pictures, that you will end drooling over. All recipes that are posted on the site are personally tested by the author, and with all extra tips and tricks are shared with her readers who are from all geographical locations of the world. You too might not want to miss this amazing site, if you love food and love cooking too.

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Must Eat Delicacies in Mangalore

Being a Mangalorean, makes me proud about everything in Mangalore, and I do take opportunity to promote every part of it in differnet way possible. Mangalore food for instance is famous all over the world, sadly when you ask a Mangalorean which are the best eat-out’s in Mangalore they keep scratching their brains. So here’s a list for all those who love Mangalore food, to try out the best of the best in Mangalore. Click the images, to get know more about the place and food of the place.

Must Eat Delicacy Mangalore

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YouTube videos for Kids & Teens

YouTube is one of the famous video sharing platform, that is quite famous with the current techy kids, and this has just led for parents to be worried as to what is appropriate and whats not for them to watch, while they are away busy with work. Kinda the way world is changing (developing is not a word I would wanna use here!), its becomes quite implausible, to deal with kids and explain how outdoors are better than indoors. Not their mistake completely, coz the outdoors we have just not kept it children friendly! But since we do give them gadgets and wonder what they should be viewing and what not, I just came with a list of YouTube Channels, that might be useful for the parents to list down, for their kids to watch.

YouTube for Kids

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Technology v/s Technology

After a tiring day at work, was traveling back to my home sweet home on the public transport – BMTC bus. The sun had already set, people were all just eagerly waiting to go back to their families, while the bachelors and spinsters, just crash back on their beds. If there is some food kept ready, maybe have that an then crash. I already had a lot of things going on in my mind, as to what to do about dinner, should I have it or not, or should I just go to sleep, when I had two guys join me in my travel. Both sat next to each other, and we continued our bus journey.

I know you must be wondering whats unusual about that part, unless there is something unusual about me now, two guys sitting next to me and I am so excited to write a blog post. Wait before you jump into any of those conclusions, let me explain what happened in this small journey.

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Table No. 21

Bollywood movies can be termed as highly predictable, that by the time for intermission you can somehow figure out the 95% of the climax of the movie, coz its always on the same lines. But a few days back I got to watch a movie, which for first didnt look so interesting, but by the time of Intermission I was thrilled to continue watching it, and in the climax I was just shocked and amazed as to how it ended up. The pot of the movie was superb I could say.

No filmy dialogs by SRK, no dance numbers by Katrina Kaif, new folks on board with our dear Paresh Rawal as Mr. Khan (Who is not a Terrorist 😛 ), Vivaan (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Siya Agasthi (Tena Desae) really keep you hooked onto the seat to find out how this movie ends up. Dont worry I wont share the entire plot of movie to you coz then you wont get a chance to enjoy the climax if you know it.

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Value of the One-Rupee Coin Phone

When was the last time you ever saw one of these in your neighborhood?

Some of them maybe wondering what is this supposed to be.

These are one of those most valuable assets of a time a few years back and when I say its just 5-6 years back from today, when people used to stand in queue to make a call from this phone.

India’s most less expensive mode of Communication now extinct.

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Essential Resources for Web Designers & Developers

Its the last day of the designer and developer, when they stop updating their built-in memory database with the latest technology, standards, trends and so on. But problem arises which are the best site’s to read and refer. A google search ends up with 2 million site results, and you don’t want to browsing every site to find the best, so I have done
that for you, that definitely you wouldn’t think twice to bookmark it for a daily read.

A site that exclusively features tips, tricks and tutorials for designers, bloggers, developers, techies, and tech readers.

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Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!

Yes, if you are wondering I am back with movie watching spree, nope I am not, but it so ends up I keep getting opportunities to watch different movies, and I just cant hold myself, than sharing a word or two about it. This time lets say, it was Once Upon a time Boring again!

Lets be straight forward without beating around the bushes, the movie plot is more in the lines of Dawood Ibrahim and his rumored affair with Yasmeen. Those who have seen the movie might say, yes, the look of our dear Akshay Kumar as Shoaib Khan, looks just like Dawood Ibrahim, and hey yes even the heroine, Sonakshi Sinha as Jasmine Mirza, is Jasmine, correct. To make it more interesting, even Shoaib is quite interested in earning a few bucks with Cricket.

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How to book Bus Ticket on

Planning for vacation, a holiday, a trip to explore a new place, and the worry now is, to book the best bus with the best seat and best amenities, and you gotta end up going to every travel agent in town or bus ticket office’s, 100’s of call,s just to make your holiday the most comfortable and cherishing one. Times have changed, and yes its all online now, so no more standing in queue, making a lot of calls, headache of which seat you are going to get, where you have to get on the bus, and where will be the drop off.

Your worries have been resolved, by a online portal made by a few IT professionals who were working in Bangalore, lead by Phanindra Sama, who has tied up with almost all transport services in India, giving you one User Interface to filter, sort and book the best ticket as per your need. Yes you can now book your tickets but by a click of few buttons to travel all around India.

How do I book?