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Castle (TV Series)

I know, I am pretty jobless, after a very hard day at work, and being far away from home, in another state and city, doesnt give me any different options that stick in front of my laptop for the whole night, until I fall asleep after mid-night. You can either catch me on my laptop, hooked onto to Facebook and Gmail, or doing some website stuff, or just watching different TV series.

This time, let me share with you the quite recent one, which I really loved, and for sure you will also, if you like Murder’s, with some humor and drama.

‘Castle’, an American TV series, starring Richard Castle- Author and Detective Kate Beckett, together with their team solve mysterious murders around new York.

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White Collar – TV Series

Crimes never end in New York, same time Good guys catching Bad guys also never stops!

Best part me watching new series every time when I am done with one, also doesnt stop!

This time it is catching the bad guys with the help of a con-man, forger and thief, along with the FBI. Main intention to help the FBI is, that he wants to know what has happened to his Girl friend who he is not been able to get in touch with, and for that he does need to stay out of the prison, and to gain he has to loose something, but best part, here he doesnt loose much, coz, he’s helping the FBI in solving the White Collar Crimes, in New York.

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What do you do when you see some Bones lying in your backyard? Wait first question should have been, have you seen any Human remains lying in your lifetime? if yes, what did you do?

I cam across a group of people who love to play with bones and then make a tv series about it!

Ok let me get straight, recently I was held up on watching a new TV series, which mocked at the Hindi Crime TV Series ‘C.I.D’. Those who have watched it, they will understand what I am talking about. Everyone knew the famous dialog, ‘Daya, Darwaza Tohdo’ (Daya, break open the door).

BONES is a crime series based on forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology, related to the FBI case, which reveals the mystery behind the human remains found by FBI.

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Fringe (TV Series)

The urge to see new sci-fi series never dies down, once it has started! The technology, the presentation of real world reality, the short complicated mystery, the side love and romance, the little humor, the seriousness to solve the case, and new and exciting mystery everyday, cannot stop me from watching a new episode every day!

After some fights, and crime-catching, I also side by side switched to a little more “fringe” science.

The term at first never made me any sense, but when I just saw the first episode, I was sure, I will not stop watching it.

J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, have created this series with a new flavor of series, for which guys like me, just get hooked on to the screen! (I remember one of the episodes, where the victim, gets hypnotized to the screen, and at last his head blasts). I know sounds, a little scary and gross, but when a scientific explanation is given, and is proved that it can be done, who doesn’t want to watch it.

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CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York)

Moving forward from Burn Notice and looking forward for more crime solving, action and thriller series I came across CSI:NY.
Directly from CSI: Miami, the show portrays the invesitgations of a team of New York Police Department forensic scientists and police officers, as they solve the mysterious and unusual deaths and also other crimes.

The whole season revolves around the crimes in and around New York, which are solved by the CSI team headed by, Det. Mac Taylor, with his newest partner, Det. Jo Danville, an experienced Washington DC investigator, along with his other team of Detectives, consisting of Det. Danny Messer, Det Lindsay Monroe and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, a Medical Examiner Sid Hammerback, lab specimen Adam Ross, and die hard homicise Det. Don Flack. Also includes former second-in-command Det. Stella Bonasera

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Burn Notice

Dont know how many of you watch English TV series, but I am one big fan of them. After watching dumb Aahat and CID, I had stopped watching much, not TV series nor Movies. But in recent times, when you are bored, and want to watch something good, that you feel its not a waste of Time, I suggest you can try English TV series.

Now for the people who still love Kyunki Saas Bi Kabhi Bahu Ti, Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Ghar Ghar ki Kahani, this is strictly not you. Its better you continue watching them, and when you are done, you can ask me, i’ll tell you how many times one person will die and resurrect in that.

Anyways, what I was talking about some drama mixed with Action.I did start watching, Prison Break, Mentalists and Fringe, where I got this craze of watching some more shows. About them I’ll speak next time. But currently me watching Burn Notice.