Coincidence v/s God’s Plan (Part 4)

Have you experienced this feeling, when you really want to be there for something, and you have all the obstacles coming front of you, until the last minute and it feels nearly impossible to be there in any ways, I went through one recently.

I know I have not spoken much about CFCI Singles, and youth, which I have planned for soon, and will do soon, but as I was telling, there was CFCI Singles National Conference to be held in Mangalore, in my hometown, and Singles from all over India would be coming, and it was my community conference, my brothers and sisters coming to meet all together once in a year, and I was so eager to go for it, and was planning from a year long, even before I got a job and got sent here to Cochin.
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Back with a Bang

Its been quite a long time not hearing from me on my blog! I guess its about 20+ days for now, that I couldnt get myself sit sometime for free to write some posts on my blog!
Currently lot of things were going on in my life!
I had been for a UI training to Chennai for two weeks, then a weekend in Mangalore, attended the SFC Conference 2011, “A Glimpse of Heaven“, then back to work.
Lot of moments took place, memorable, life long cherish-able moments, that I am waiting to share with all soon.
Now once I have started writing, will not stop hopefully again!
Also got some new plans and posts for the blog in my mind, also currently working behind designing some websites and so, but I wont let me readers down without any posts 🙂
Chao till then. Keep reading. 🙂
God Bless 🙂

My Weekend at Home Sweet Home Mangalore

Work..Work..and more Work made me slog more than a donkey, (no intention to hurt the feelings of Donkey), but late night work, and pressure and deadline, made me say its done, I need a break, so just planned myself to make it for a weekend to my Home Sweet Home Mangalore.

The planing the decision all happened so soon, that I was quite amazed to what a fun filled, stomach filled, and heart filled weekend I had. You can understand how much my work load is now, coz I had to write this post a week later.
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