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How to report Facebook of deceased person?

It feels sad, while your dear friend or relatives profile who has been deceased, his/her profile still being commented on by people who do not know about it.
Or you just want to delete the person’s account, but you dont know the credentials.

It was always a question for many of how to report about the deceased person to Facebook?

Facebook is of the people, by the people and for the people! And Facebook gives you a solution for this too.

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Another problem while working with websites and IE6 browsers is you come across, to place a DIV over an IFRAME.

Now it works fine in all browsers, except in IE6. And to your dismay, you cant even alter the CSS of the IFRAME objects by modifying the Z-INDEX. So thats where you are in a fix.

Good news is that for every problem there is a solution. For every issue there is fix.
Before the fix, let me show you how exactly the issue is resolved too.

If you download this file and open in IE6 browser, you will see IFRAME taking over the DIV.

But now, download this file, and it will fix the issue.

I have tried to explain how the issue is actually resolved in the code itself.
We create a dynamic IFRAME over the DIV using the script. Now thats the simplest and best solution I could give 🙂