UXmas is here!

Joint efforts of Thirst Studios & UX Mastery Team, have brought a digital advent calendar for user experience designers. Throughout December, everyday, the site posts an article, video or some useful interesting post related to the UI community. Do check out this Advent, for amazing articles on User Interface and User Experience.
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Bang the doors of Heaven for a Nation led by God

When all things fall apart, most of them turn to God, but here’s something different. A group of Professionals from Bangalore and Pune get together to start a campaign to Pray for their country, their leaders and the citizens during the upcoming Elections.

The Power of Prayer is what they believe in, and what brought them closer, with an innovative idea to launch a website ‘LetsPrayforIndia.com‘ which randomly assigns willing visitors, the name of a Lok Sabha constituency to pray for, during the 2014 General Elections in India.
Lets PrayForIndia
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Happy Childrens Day

I woke up today not knowing the date, for a series of profile pictures changed to their childhood photos in almost all social media platforms and I was wondering what has happened while I was asleep. Some new fight we fighting by changing our profile pics. Thats when I get a message from my lecturer wishing me Happy Children’s Day, and that were it all made sense to me.
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Technology v/s Technology

After a tiring day at work, was traveling back to my home sweet home on the public transport – BMTC bus. The sun had already set, people were all just eagerly waiting to go back to their families, while the bachelors and spinsters, just crash back on their beds. If there is some food kept ready, maybe have that an then crash. I already had a lot of things going on in my mind, as to what to do about dinner, should I have it or not, or should I just go to sleep, when I had two guys join me in my travel. Both sat next to each other, and we continued our bus journey.

I know you must be wondering whats unusual about that part, unless there is something unusual about me now, two guys sitting next to me and I am so excited to write a blog post. Wait before you jump into any of those conclusions, let me explain what happened in this small journey.
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Useful HTML5 Tutorials

HTML5 is here (from quite a long time) and its time you knew how to use it. Dont worry its not a Rocket Science to learn it, if you were able to pass 10th Grade then you surely can be a pro here. Here’s a collection of links that should help you learn HTML5 in the best way possible.

What is HTML5?
If you wondering what is HTML5, then its the 5th version of Hyper-Text Markup Language, the basic coding language that creates a site.

What is new in HTML5?
Its that what you ask, then there’s so much new that’s definitely going to make you glued to your seat as you explore more and more.
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