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After a 1/10 Google Page Rank (PR Checker), 551, 938 (Global) & 53,026 (India) Alex Ranking (Site Info), linked in 30 sites, is about a great achievement in itself.And after a long wait from google, I get my Site Link on Google Search 🙂

Google Search Kel-Logs

A special thanks goes to all my followers and readers of the site, the sites who have personally linked me, my supporters and well-wishers and near and dear one’s at heart!I had started blogging seriously this January, and I have never thought I would reach this height so soon.A lot of struggle and lot if irritating my friends and relatives have gone into this 🙂

Will not let my readers down, coz will come up with new posts as and when I get time!

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My 100th post on Blogger

When I started blogging I never knew what I would write in my blog! I had no fixed aims of what to do! Blog was just something I wanted to explore!
I didnt know anything about technology or cooking, for that matter, I used to not even write anything anywhere!

Today with 12000+ Visitors, 100+ Daily visitors, linked in about 100+ websites, 200+ comments and feedback, I guess I have come a long way into the blogging world!

Blog for me at the beginning was a diary that I could share with lots of people, today the whole perspective of blogging has changed.
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