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Isnt that a basic search most of us do online? Its a common discussion to know who has downloaded which movie recently, and will they be able to share with umpteen number of friends in the locality, workplace, school, college and you just have a friend in every location.

Now there are one’s who download pirated movies, through torrents or direct links, but there are a few of us who still respect the law of piracy, and either buy the original one, download only if its free or stream online. The worry now is, everything that is put up online is not original, and yes it is pirated.

Blog Personal Website is here!

Yes at last I have got my own domain with my name in it!


I suppose the dream was set 3 years back! Lot of progress has happened to the blog and of course me to! Will be slowly updating this space as my portfolio of my innovations and creativity!

Thank you for your support!
God Bless 🙂