Energy Saving Mode for Blogger

Did you know that while browsing net the screen emits CO2 in the atmosphere. So with calculation of thousand people using computer, about 1.2kg per minute.
So to protect the environment there were some initiative’s taken up by some environmentalist, which I would like to share around.

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Search Bar and Link

A new feature to my existing blog, with lot of feedback’s from friends and readers, I integrated the new search bar and a link to get in touch with me on my blog.Also a Recommended Blog Post for your widget.

Many more features are planned to come up too! Feels nice to customize the blog!
Got any feedbacks or suggestions do Drop me a comment below on, get in touch with me on my Contact Page

Display What You Want on Blogger

It was always some blogger’s idea of viewing some content or widget on only some pages, or search labels or archive pages. But it was really hard to do all the script coding and various possible things!Did some small research here and there, and with Blogger Plugin’s post, I was able to find, innovate a new technique in blog, “Selective display of widgets or content, based on URL”. Best part of it was its so damn easy.

So let me take you through the simple code snippets.
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How to Add Social Bookmark/Sharing Widget to your Blog

As the title says, every blog, website or posts needs a way, where users if they like your post to share it their friends! Now you cant expect every visitor to copy the URL of your blog and go to his/her own profile to post it. So we have a simple yet good looking widget that will solve all your problems!

How is the outcome?

So want the similar widget to your blog/website in just few steps?

Here it is,
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Related Posts Widget for Blogger

Now everyone wants readers of their blog to stick on to their blog, and also no one wants the reader to spend whole his life searching for the posts he/she likes!
So to tackle all these related problems, we have “Related Posts Widget“. A simple to use, a quick handy for all.

Here’s a preview of how it looks,

How to Add this Widget to your Blog?
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Twitter Widgets for you website/blog/facebook

It was always a dream of all bloggers and website developers to connect their websites to as many places as possible.
Specially in recent times, to more you connect with others, the more your chances of retaining it. More like, give and take policy.
Hmmmmm so here’s some new technology updates for you.

Let me share to you something about Tweeter Widgets.

Note: These are developed by Tweeter and they are “FREE”
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