Happy New Year 2012

Its the Year 2012! I know many of them have already been hearing the rumors that, this year on December 21st! Lets see how much that is true now! Hmmmm I am more on looking to have a more good and blessed time this year, also write some good and better posts! World Ends or not, I am just prepared to do my best everyday of the year, that I dont regret of not doing!! What about you? Whats your plan?

Confession through I-App?????

All the I-Phone or I-Pad users, will be very aware of this or maybe not. But have you ever come across, this application http://www.confessionboothapp.com/.For those who have not, here’s a small inside of it, Apple has come out with a new application for I-Phone and I-Pad “CONFESSION BOOTH -Sinner or Saint“, to confess online, anytime from anywhere, just by installing the application which is just for $1.99.

Now what it has got as its features,
– You can rate anonymous confessions, just by clicking Sinner or Saint
– You can Submit your own anonymous confession
– Your confession will be rated by thousands and you can see via percentage what the world thinks about the SIN you committed.
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