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When words are right
All the colors are bright
When happiness rains
All sadness drains

Shed tears in happiness,
Care least for sorrowness
Happiness is a great feeling
Happiness uplifts your living

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Aloo Paratha

When you are really hungry, and got a little time before you die, and got some energy to do something good, then I have a good recipe for you, that I tried, which is easy, quick, and yummy.

Last Sunday, we were all hungry, and were tired of eating the same Maggi or Bread and Cheese everyday. So we planned to experiment something new, “Aloo Paratha”. Of course as usual I googled a little, read along different recipes, combined them as per our taste and wow, hot Aloo Paratha’s were ready to be hogged.

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Confession through I-App?????

All the I-Phone or I-Pad users, will be very aware of this or maybe not. But have you ever come across, this application those who have not, here’s a small inside of it, Apple has come out with a new application for I-Phone and I-Pad “CONFESSION BOOTH -Sinner or Saint“, to confess online, anytime from anywhere, just by installing the application which is just for $1.99.

Now what it has got as its features,
– You can rate anonymous confessions, just by clicking Sinner or Saint
– You can Submit your own anonymous confession
– Your confession will be rated by thousands and you can see via percentage what the world thinks about the SIN you committed.