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Twitter Widgets for you website/blog/facebook

It was always a dream of all bloggers and website developers to connect their websites to as many places as possible.
Specially in recent times, to more you connect with others, the more your chances of retaining it. More like, give and take policy.
Hmmmmm so here’s some new technology updates for you.

Let me share to you something about Tweeter Widgets.

Note: These are developed by Tweeter and they are “FREE”

Now all the small talk is done, let me get into details.

The different widgets that tweeter provides is,
Profile Widget:
Always wanted to show your Twitter updates on your web page, then this is the one for you.

Search Widget:
Want to have a real-time search running in your web page, of the search keywords you mentioned, like events, conference, TV shows or just about anything you want to,

Faves Widget:
To display all the starred favourite tweets, this widget help you do it just in a ease.

List Widget:
Want to have you favourite tweeps in list to show’em off. Then why you waiting, this widget in just for you.

Facebook Application:
To all FB and Twitter addicts, want to connect your both profiles, with twitter updates getting shared to your facebook friends. Then this one will surely help you do that.

Tweet Widgets

How to do this?
Step 1: Login to Twitter
Step 2: Navigate to Twitter Widgets
Step 3: Choose the widget you want, customize it if you like.
Step 4: Get the Code, copy it, and paste it. And you good to go.

I guess thats all of it for now. What you waiting, go out and do try out the Twitter Widgets 🙂

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