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Two Truths One Lie

Have you heard of Two Truths and One Lie?.
No?? Ok then you’ve not know a lot of things in life or rather didn’t bother to know about!
Let me explain to you what is Two Truths and One Lie is all about.

With a dumb intro, let me move forward to say its an group game, that is usually played indoors or even outdoors for picnic, gatherings or camps. The game is usually played at the end of everything, coz then it will have more meaning and more fun. The aim of this game is to know more about each other in a different way.

Every person in the group comes out with Two Truths and One Lie, and the rest of the group members have to figure which is the lie.
I like Eating
I like Sleeping
I like Reading
Which is the Lie?

If you knew me very well then you would’ve answered, I like Reading is the lie and its right. Now don’t come up with these small things, but try to make it more complicated but be honest, don’t lie about your truths.

The game can keep on continuing as long as you want, coz it has no boundaries or limits for evolution.
So have fun playing it. 🙂

And when you’re at it try to figure the lie in this.
I don’t lie
I am a Born Liar
The first two statements are true

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