Music – Makes you & Breaks you!

What happens when we listen to Romantic Music? We end up in a romantic mood What happens when we listen to Dance Numbers? We start tapping our feet, clapping our hands, and slowly moving our bodies to its groove What happens when we hear Sad, Emotional Track? We end up being a part of the […]

Coincidence v/s God’s Plan (Part 5)

Now have you experienced this, when you driving on a 2-wheeler, and it starts drizzling, and you remember you forgot your jacket at home, and deep down a very tiny small prayer comes like God, just if you could help me reach my destination! And then with half doubt you still continue driving to see […]

One Tight Slap from God!

Have you had one tight slap experience from God? I just did today morning 🙂 Yesterday night, due to heavy rainfall in Bangalore, India, the area I was riding was flooded, and my Hayabusa just didnt agree to go any more further. So I parked it at the side, hitched hike’d a ride back home! […]