Thoughts under Work in Progress

So I had my thoughts under work in progress from quite some time! They were so concentrated, getting them diluted was taking longer than expected, and I believe its near to an year, that I wrote something fruitful and prodcutive! And I guess this is been happening with me with quite some cycles, of my blog dying, and ressurecting with a new design and feature, and will be in hyper mode for sometime, that it will start aging soon, and die later. Want to keep it alive for longer this time. Lets see how far that goes. Kep glued to the blog, for some excellent posts coming your way.

Music – Makes you & Breaks you!

What happens when we listen to Romantic Music?
We end up in a romantic mood
What happens when we listen to Dance Numbers?
We start tapping our feet, clapping our hands, and slowly moving our bodies to its groove
What happens when we hear Sad, Emotional Track?
We end up being a part of the Singer’s sorrow
A happy jumpy number
Makes us happy
The Crashing of the Rock Metal
Ends us up in Head Banging

So what will happen if we listen to Anti-Christ Music?
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Coincidence v/s God’s Plan (Part 5)

Now have you experienced this, when you driving on a 2-wheeler, and it starts drizzling, and you remember you forgot your jacket at home, and deep down a very tiny small prayer comes like God, just if you could help me reach my destination!
And then with half doubt you still continue driving to see the drizzle increasing, but at once hey, the signal which as red just turned to green hen you reached there, and signal after that, and the usual traffic jam packed road turns out to be a super fast highway, and you really getting a way through the traffic with ease, and just as you enter your place, it pours down!
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One Tight Slap from God!

Have you had one tight slap experience from God?
I just did today morning 🙂
Yesterday night, due to heavy rainfall in Bangalore, India, the area I was riding was flooded, and my Hayabusa just didnt agree to go any more further. So I parked it at the side, hitched hike’d a ride back home! Went home earnestly prayed to God to take care of my bike 😉
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Sin & Death

A thought occurred to me the other day, Satan accepts defeat every-time a person dies
Reasoning: God created man (& woman), and wanted them to live for eternal, they sin, and Satan rules over the death.
God sends, Jesus, saves us all, and modifies the whole plan of devil, by only giving him the right to kill the physical body, while the soul still remains eternal.
Yes, now who has won the won soul does matter on us, is it God or Devil.
But the best part, Satan tries his best to tempt us, trick us to worship him and follow him, but once he knows he cant do anything more, he lets him die, and God allows. God doesnt like it, but he allows it, so that through that person’s death many other souls learn from it and come closer to him. Kids die, maybe coz Satan knows their future of who they will become, and how he/she could be dangerous to his kingdom, tricks someone or the other human being and kills him.
I dont know if I am wrong in this, but for now, for every death I will glorify God, coz I believe Satan just accepted another defeat, and I shall pray that let me be an instrument that God uses to bring more souls to him, in every way possible on this earth and heaven.