WhatsAppCalling.com a #hoax and a #scam Site

With the recent feature launched by WhatsApp of calling individuals for free via Internet and WhatsApp application, almost everyone is super excited to try this out.
And this ends up the right time to fool people.

Mohammad Iqbal, of who the site is tagged under, came up with a site, which justs initiate a forward message on your WhatsApp list with the following code,

whatsapp://send?text=Hey, i am inviting you to try whatsapp calling click here to activate now --> http://WhatsappCalling.com

This site is hosted at github.
So all it does, shares his sites link to your friends, and this goes in a cycle, people just spamming each other’s inbox’s with this message.


However, the WhatsApp Calling feature is enabled to all who have updated their phones to latest update and also with latest Android OS. Since this is feature is realsed under beta release so not all specifics of its workaround are shared.


So till then enjoy just WhatsApp’ing (if thats a verb which will be added in the dictionary soon), until the feature gets enabled to your phones too.

Till then you can click on my website link, and enjoy great updates 🙂

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