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White Collar – TV Series

Crimes never end in New York, same time Good guys catching Bad guys also never stops!

Best part me watching new series every time when I am done with one, also doesnt stop!

This time it is catching the bad guys with the help of a con-man, forger and thief, along with the FBI. Main intention to help the FBI is, that he wants to know what has happened to his Girl friend who he is not been able to get in touch with, and for that he does need to stay out of the prison, and to gain he has to loose something, but best part, here he doesnt loose much, coz, he’s helping the FBI in solving the White Collar Crimes, in New York.

White Collar

Mat Bomer as Neal Caffrey, the con-man, Tim DeKay as Special Agent Peter Bruke are on a look out for all the bad boys in town, who are involved in crimes, somewhere related to the crimes already committed by Neal, a long, a very long time back.

Neal Caffrey is a skilled forger and con-man, who was imprisoned by Peter Burke, is been visited by his Girl friend Kate, to end their relationship. Neal escapes the prison, to find her, but Peter again catches him, but this time, Neal offers a deal to Peter, that if he lets him out, he’ll help him with his crimes. And so does the White Collar series begin. After some series, Kate dies, or is murdered, and then Neal’s next mission in life is to find Kate’s killer. But as it goes by, Neal helps Peter Burke to solve a lot of crimes, and get the bad boys behind the gates of prison.

Peter Burke on the other hand is very hard worker, honest, and the head of the investigation team. A very committed, who is always supported by his wife, Elizabeth Burke, and he is the most trusted person by Neal.

Neal is helped by Mozzie, who always looks out for Neal, and helps behind the curtains, unaware of Peter for first few episodes. He’s the jack of all trades, and has got a lot of contacts, to get his job done. A humorous guy, who is also a conspiracy theorist, and is very petrified about FBI offices.

White Collar Team

Together as a team, the whole series created by Jeff Eastin, comes with a mixture of how forgery crimes takes pace, how Neal with his skills, bust them out, and how Peter solves the crime. Its a fun to watch, action thrilled, and mixture of romance + crime series.
You can trust me on this, you will surely like it.

White Collar (TV series)

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