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Why I moved to WordPress

A loyal Blogger user for so long (3yrs), why this sudden change! Created a site for a few through it, created own templates, and the question now stalked me from everyone was why this change?

Simple answer to all: I wanted to grow in blogging! I wanted more customized site than what I had


Now to go in detail as to why this change, so suddenly, after a long break from blogging, was a question I had asked myself, before i started this whole process!

My old site, on blogger, had gone through a lot of changes in 3yrs without doubt! With name change from ‘Kelvin Speaks’ to ‘Exploding Thoughts’ to ‘Kel-Logs’! Time and personal need called for a change!

After a lot of research with different CMS available, I had to make a choice and that was WORDPRESS.

The reasons,

WordPress is more customizable
Simple, Flexible and ease to use and modify is the best thing I like about this CMS! I dont think there is anything that is not achievable with WordPress

Lots of Addons
Is there something you want to do extra, add events, create a eCommerce site go wild with the thoughts, there are plugins always that would meet my requirement! Else creating one is simple

This is another best part of this CMS is I have the entire ownership of the site, code and features! Most of the other sites you cant modify entirely, but hey here you can do it all

Kept the best feature for the last,
Yes I am saying the truth, the CMS is open source! You have the whole world to help you in the process of developing site on WordPress!

You could read more features of WordPress here!

Now what do you say? Did I make the right choice? Have you moved you site to any platforms? What’s your experience?

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