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X-Men First Class

Matthew Vaughn gave me a new reason to get glued to my laptop for another 120 mins of fantasy world, where there are Mutants amongst us, who have unnatural powers to do things beyond our real world expectation.

X-men First Class is the prequel of the Trilogy of the X-men series, based on the characters from Marvel Comics. The story by Sheldon Turner and Bryan Singer describes how the whole X-men got together and how it all started.

The movie starts from the German concentration camp when a boy is separated from his parents, and the boy in his grief bends a metal gate, which is observed by Dr. Schmidt, a scientist, who makes the boy do it again, this time to move a coin, and when h’s not bale to do it, he shoots his mother in front of the boy, and due to to the anger he creates a havoc in the lab, even killing two guards.

James McAvoy is the young telepath Charles Xavier who gets the name Mr. X, the young boy grows up to be Magnito, Erik Lensherr is played by Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of shape shifter Mystique. Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw the scientist who has the power to consume energy and use it as he wishes.

The movie revolves around the story during the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962, and the mis-understanding between the Russia and US governments. Sebastian with his two other team mates tries to stir up a nuke fight between both the countries so that both destroy the whole world, so that Sebastian ends ruling the world. In the other side, the CIA approachs Charles to help them in stopping Sebastian. Charles meets some mutants and along with the use of Cerebro tracks other mutants and starts recruiting them to help them stop Sebastian.

The countries direct their battle ships against each other, ready to attack, coz of all the havoc created by Sebastian, but the other mutants intervene in this and avoid the nuke attack.
At the end Erik ends up killing Sebastian who had made him like this, and ends up going against Charles thoughts waging a war against humans. Charles during this fight ends loosing his walking ability.

Thus the rise of X-men begins.

The movie is as usual to the X-men mark and standard, with all the innovative and unthinkable powers with each one of them. The extra-ordinary fights and simple romance here and there, keeps the viewer pretty much hooked to the movie.

Its a must watch for all sci-fi lovers.


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