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Vruksh ho bade bhale, ho ghane ho bhale,
Ek Patra chhah bhi
mang mat, mang mat, mang mat,
Agneepath, Agneepath, Agneepath;

Tu na thamega kabhi tu na mudega kabhi
tu na rukega kabhi,
Kar shapath, Kar shapath, Kar shapath,
Agneepath, Agneepath, Agneepath.

Ye Mahan Drushya hain, Chal raha Manushya hain,
Ashru, Sweth, Rakta se
Latpat Latpat Latpat..
Agneepath, Agneepath, Agneepath.

A revenge coz of murder of his father, a answer to the corruption in society, a stand of the bravest to forgive the person who is as strong as you! Agneepath, the remake of original Agneepath, a 1990 movie, was released on 26th Januray 2011, Indian Republic Day!


The story is about a Maharashtrian island called Mandwa. A school teacher, Dinanath Chauhan (Chetan Pandit),  highly respected one, who enlightens the villagers, and also dissuade’s them from giving their land to Kancha Cheena (Sanjay Dutt) the son of the village head, who wants to start a Drug Yard producing Cocaine at the place! Kancha proceeds in blaming and portraying the Master in Raping a Student and killing her, and making the villagers encourage him to Hang him and also flee the family! Masters Son Vijay (Hrithik Roshan) take this as revenge, and with his mom moves to Mumbai! Penniless and no-where to go, reaches a poor town, where his mom gives birth to Vijay’s sister, Siksha.

As Vijay starts doing petty jobs here and there, he witnesses a scene where some goons try to threaten and kill Kancha! So Vijay makes up his mind to join them, and somehow plots to meet Kancha in person and then take revenge! Same time we have Kaali (Priyanka Chopra) who is also in love with Vijay without minding what he does!

The producer Karan Johar and Director Karan Malhotra did share that movie is not the same to same of the Original Agneepath, but is in the same lines! Though the base story is the same, some plots, characters have replaced, or been removed and also added with lot of changes, since the generation and times have changed to modern style! Acting of all characters is good, especially Sanjay Dutt’s! The bald look, and the dialogs keeps you laughing as well as sometimes its on the serious note too!

Agneepath – Amitabh Bachchan – Wikipedia

The official dialog of Amitabh Bachchan in the original Agneepath still remains the same, “Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, poora naam, baap ka naam Deenanath Chauhan, gaon Mandwa”. Also some aspects of the movie like, the hero getting thrashed royally by the villain and only when he reaches the dad’s death place, defeats the villan is something different you dont usually see in all movies!

The movie on day one itself made about 20+ crores with high number of positive critics! The famous item song ‘Chikni Chameli’ by Katrina Kaif as guest appearance, also attracts a lot of our Kaif Fans not to miss this movie!

Moral to be learnt:
You dont run from your enemies or one’s who hurt you and are stronger than you, but you become as stronger as your enemy is, and forgive him!

Change of Character of Agneepath 2, coming soon! :)
Change of Character of Agneepath 2, coming soon! 🙂
Poem Source: Roy Writes

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