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Aloo Paratha

When you are really hungry, and got a little time before you die, and got some energy to do something good, then I have a good recipe for you, that I tried, which is easy, quick, and yummy.

Last Sunday, we were all hungry, and were tired of eating the same Maggi or Bread and Cheese everyday. So we planned to experiment something new, “Aloo Paratha”. Of course as usual I googled a little, read along different recipes, combined them as per our taste and wow, hot Aloo Paratha’s were ready to be hogged.


So what you need to do them is,
Wheat Flour
Turmeric Powder
Masala Powder
Chilly Powder
Coriander Leaves
Salt as per taste.

Now the quantity is based on your requirement, 2 cups flour would need, two medium sized potatoes and half cup milk. Rest you do the math šŸ™‚

Let me go to how you do it.
Boil the potatoes very well, so that they can be smashed like a paste.
Take a big vessel, in which you can mould easily.
Take the Flour, all the powders and mix properly.
Now add the Smashed Potatoes, Chopped Coriander leaves and Ghee, and mix again,
NOTE: Add Salt, dont forget like me.
Add a little amount of Milk and continue kneading, keep doing while adding little by little of milk. If milk is over you can start with add water, and oil.
Make a nice dough, and keep it aside covered with wet cloth for 15-20mins.
Heat the Tawa.
Take small portions of the dough, make balls, and then roll them as chappati’s/roti’s.
Fry them on the tawa on both sides till they become slight brown in color.
If you’re not so conscious about your cholesterol level, add some ghee or butter on both sides and fry again.

Serve Hot with cold curd, or pickle, or if you hungry, dont bother, just eat like that šŸ™‚

Do give me a feedback once you do it šŸ™‚

4 replies on “Aloo Paratha”

Hey I will definitely try it and share my experience to you..I will tell my Mummy too..She always surfs the net to try something new…If she doesnā€™t know to make this, then definitely will refer your recipe and let you know..:)

I hope people don’t burn their houses down while making this aloo paratha…u kno whom i’m adressing to ryt…:P

Nice recipe…. easy to do…sounds easy…I will surely try doing this during my vacation. And i will NOT burn my house….:D and i will surely tell u how it was…..

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